Individual Transfers & Excursions in Cyprus


You can Book a private excursion and visit with your family or a group of friends excursions we prepared for you, or create your own course by your self or with the help from a tour guide. For additional information feel free to Contact Us


Prices per vehicle / Full day (8 hours) Price
2 people €250.00
3 people €280.00
4 people €300.00
6 people €380.00
10 people €550.00

The pricing includes a minibus or light vehicle and a tour guide for the entire duration of the day (8 hours). For excursions with more than 10 people please contact us and we shall make the best offer we can for the lowest price possible.

True Cyprus

Many people want to take a look at the true and untouched by time Cyprus, with its customs and traditions.

Macheras Monastery - At the bottom of the mountain Kionia, where in the 12th century two monks by a miracle found the icon of the Christs Mother, drawn by the Saint Luke. To safe guard the location and the icon it self, a male monastery was founded.

To visit the monastery it must be noted that strict cloths regulations apply which include long pants, skirts lower than the knee and covered shoulders.

Phicardu - Traditional village with a preserved architectural design of the venetian period, which is completely under the protection of UNESKO.

Kionia - Viewing platform with a beautiful view of the island.

Saint Fekla's Monastery - Under the structure of the monastery you can find the healing spring its mud baths, miraculously discovered by Saint Helen in the 4th century which continues to heal until the present day.

Lefkara - Traditional village which is located on the altitude of 700m above sea level, where we can try Cyprus coffee. We can find in the same village traditional hand-crafted jewelry and silver.

Larnaca - Nicosia

On this excursion we shall familiarize our selves with the history of these two cities in which cultures, religions and stories of various civilizations intertwine. Driving through the alley of Finikudes, which is the central point of Larnaca we shall stop by the church of Saint Lazaros, where a part of his remains is being guarded.

The trip then takes us towards the salt lake on the edge of which the monastery of Chala Sultan Tekke resides, known as the resting place of the preacher Muhamed, Um Haram.

Entering the capital of Cyprus, city under the name Nicosia, a city which is considered to be unique since it is the only one in Europe to be divided. We shall pass the venetian wall and shall stop at the central monastery of the Arch Bishop of Cyprus. We shall visit the cathedral of Saint John and shall head towards the historical part of the city, where you shall be given a chance to do your shopping and have lunch.

Behind the line

On this journey you shall familiarize your selves with the city lost in the sands, this is how the name of this city is translated - Amochostos (Famagusta) Even 5 years ago, no one imagined that this journey would be possible. While getting closer to the closed side of the city (closed since 1974), "ghost city", we shall see how time stopped. Later we shall head to the dig site of the ancient city of Salamis, with its theaters, roman baths and gymnasiums.

Not far from the same location, the resting place of Apostol Varnavas and his monastery can be found, which we shall be visiting as well. As the last section of the journey we shall visit the center of the city Famagusta, surrounded by the venetian walls which guard it, which witnessed the drama of Othello.

Grand Tour - Kikkos

An informative excursion which overtakes most of the mountain area of Trodos, which is covered with forest.

Kikkos monastery - 1300m above sea level, one of the richest and most beautiful christian monasteries in the world, where lies one of 3 miracle worker icons, drawn by Saint Luke, in the Christ era. Here we shall have approximately 2 hours to visit the monastery and have lunch.

Olympus - Passing the ski resort "Chionistra" we shall make a short stop at the highest place in Cyprus, which is 1951m, from where we can admire the mythical view of the island.

Wine Factory - The factory is located in the islands are where the wine traditions have been around for over 4.500 years. You shall have the chance to taste its final product and decide for your self.


This trip shall take you back into the past, where myth and history live. On the road to Paphos, our first stop shall be an ancient city of Kurium, where you shall find a perfectly preserved amphitheater and mosaics from the roman era. Going forward we shall visit the place of birth of the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, where you can take a swim and perhaps even get younger. From there we shall head towards the main city of Paphos, which is guarded by the "UNESCO" foundation. In the city we shall visit the archeological park in which the villa of Deonissos has been preserved with beautiful mosaics dating back to 2000 - 4000 years BC. In your free time you can take a stroll by the pear and get your traditional cyprus sweets.


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